Margaret Maupin fine art
“Margaret’s work invokes the contemplative side of the timeless American west...”

About the Artist

After a long hiatus from art, I resumed my studies at The Art Student's League. I have studied with Rick Brogan, Rob Gratiot, Molly Davis, Kim English, and Sandra Kaplan. I am presently studying with Kevin Weckbach and Jane Jones.

As an artist I’m most interested in the micro view of the world. In other words, I focus on what catches my eye either because of the arrangement of objects, how the light falls at a certain time, or just because I want to isolate something in order to capture the essence of what I’ve seen. There was a book titled "What The Road Passes By" and that is exactly my philosophy of painting. I hope to engage the viewer in the excitement and wonder of something they might not have noticed and try to convey the significance of what I saw.

~Margaret Maupin